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Drives, graphics cards, memory, batteries, accessories, even certain services that have minimum systems requirements: Consumer IT has always been heavily dependent on device spec and configs – ever since the earliest days of the ‘IBM compatible PC.’ That compatibility issue is what drives a lot of choice in consumer IT: It’s not about whether the consumer wants it in pink or green. It’s about which product will work with their device.

And the device population is growing exponentially, not only in terms of the size of population, but its diversity as well; more device types, more operating systems, more configurations. It’s a fantastic opportunity, but if you’re going to succeed, you need a way to understand the customer’s individual device needs in an efficient, scalable way – and that’s not by asking the customer, because long experience shows that they just don’t know.

work4sure’s ComponentMatching service enables you to know – by asking the device directly, and in seconds, take them directly to the right product. No abandonment, no uncertainty, no returns. Just more sales, and happier customers.

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